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Do you have an ad-hoc issue or challenge with AWS? Our tactical deployment services team will dive straight in, tackle any challenge, and utilize the right tooling and expertise to get you back on track. We’ll also ensure you’re well-architected and optimized for cost savings.

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Undertaking a large scale transition to AWS? We have a proven methodology for shutting down traditional data centers and migrating to AWS, beginning with a discovery session, then design, to the successful engineering and execution of your move.

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Transforming your business with AWS? We’ll work with you to create the vision, strategy, and business case for the cloud. Then we’ll help refactor and transform your systems and operational processes to take your business and team to a better end state in the cloud.

Discover & Design


Onica will work with a team of business stakeholders, system owners, and subject matter experts to gather a holistic understanding of the customer’s existing environments, combining both technical, business, and strategic concerns.


The joint team will collectively establish a detailed migration plan, ensuring customer, user, and operator disruptions are avoided or kept to an absolute minimum.


Leveraging the experience of our customer portfolio as well as the collection of AWS best practices and frameworks, Onica will create a detailed design for your AWS Platform, VPCs, and application deployments.

Build & Move


Onica architects and engineers will construct your AWS foundational platform and configure all system-level services, to create a functional, scalable, and secure home for your business workloads.


Leveraging our experience and best-of-breed tooling, your applications and systems will be seamlessly migrated to the AWS cloud platform, often with no measurable disruption to existing operations.


Workloads will be thoroughly reviewed and verified for functionality and performance before cutover activities.

Optimize & Evolve


After migration, systems and servers will be analyzed to ensure that pre-migration sizing and performance targets are performing as expected, ensuring that over and under-sized assets are right-sized.


AWS offers a large collection of “quick wins” that can be easily applied at a platform level. Examples are auto-scaling, HA architecture, and scheduled power-down of certain systems.


Onica will work to determine the short and long-term roadmap, establishing ideas for the next phase of cloud transformation.

Cloud Framework Foundations

Do you have an ad-hoc issue or challenge with AWS? Our tactical deployment services team will dive straight in, tackle any challenge, and utilize the right tooling and expertise to get you back on track. We can also ensure your environment is well-architected and optimized for cost savings.

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Security & Compliance

The shift to a distributed and dynamic architecture has elevated security from an already important facet, to a pivotal decision point in any infrastructure design. From boundary and host protection, securing programmatic platform access, to ensuring data privacy; designing for security from day one is critical for success.

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Network Connectivity

AWS gives you affordable and instant access to flexible computing power anywhere in the world. To best leverage the advantages of this model, IT teams must optimize and secure the paths between their systems, offices, and customers.

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Advances in scalable, dynamic infrastructure have enabled organizations of any size to achieve nearly constant availability with minimal effort across technical and geographical boundaries. However, in any deployment disasters can still occur. Ensuring that a robust strategy around protection and recovery is vital.

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Operations & Maintenance

Most challenges experienced by new cloud adopters aren’t felt during implementation or migration phases, its when the new infrastructure must integrate with processes already in place. Operating models must evolve with the new technology stack.

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Client Success

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The biggest benefit to using technology like AWS is the ability to react quickly to business needs. Onica allowed our team to hit the ground running.

Ninish UkkanSVP, Technology

Thanks to the extraordinary effort and skill of both Onica and the MoveTickets.com IT and DB teams, we were able to migrate 15 years of infrastructure in 3 weeks.

Craig LefkowitzDirector of Information Systems

My team was swamped and the Super Bowl was a huge undertaking. Onica helped set expectations for us and handled any and all AWS issues we had.

Dang TranDirector of Data Intelligence, Samsung

We decided to partner with Onica to really enhance and accelerate our transition. We had developers from Onica in our office working side-by-side with our team.

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