Pipeline Driven Mass Migration

Declare war on lift and shift through continuous delivery techniques that allow you to accelerate, automate and reuse migration pipelines and processes

Avoid the Pitfalls of Mass Migration

For far too long we’ve believed that a lift and shift migration is the quick and simple answer. The reality – lift and shift is a method that is driven by duplicate, error-prone work that’s not scalable, reliable, cost-effective, or manageable in the long-term. Instead, Onica employes a pipeline-driven approach to migration, which utilizes continuous delivery techniques to bring acceleration, automation, repeatable processes, and a clear operating model to any migration.


Our tactical deployment services team utilizes agile, along with a DevOps approach to create a templated and replicable process that can be leveraged for both migrations and updates.


Our proven method for migrating to AWS utilizes sustainable automation to ensure a simplified & replicable deployment allowing for easy adjustment with minimal work.


Development, testing, and deployment processes are transformed to the latest technology for continued use and optimized through AWS tools for long-lasting ROI.

Creating a Cloud Foundation

Success on the cloud is dependent on certain foundational components. Pipeline Drive Migrations establish a strong cloud foundation by building the long-term operating model and adopting continuous delivery techniques.

Application Centric

Applications serve as the unit of work, with everything is done on the application level, with decisions made around application context.


Efforts are focused on building long-lasting, sustainable, automation, rather than ongoing, manual and labor-intensive work.

Agile & Incremental

Applications are moved in smaller units of work, allowing easy adjustments to the approach and avoiding a large planning phase.


Deployment patterns are identified and re-used simplifying future migrations. Applications are managed using the same pipelines.


Development, testing, and deployment processes are transformed and upgraded to the latest available technology and approach.


Full assurance that the infrastructure and applications are consistent between stages of development, QA, staging, and production.

ROI Driven

The full value of the cloud is optimized to maximize efficiency and drive ROI through enhancements alongside the migration.

Review Friendly

Post-migration, Git repositories represent the source of truth for the deployed infrastructure and applications, allowing easy review and change tracking.

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Case Study

TrueCar: Innovation & Transformation on AWS

For TrueCar, moving to the cloud was the only possible solution to scale and grow at the pace they needed.

“We decided to partner with Onica to really enhance and accelerate our transition. We had developers and engineers from Onica in our office working side-by-side with our teams to help us learn and understand how to leverage the ecosystem in Amazon and help architecturally build the solutions we created. I think the partnership has been one where they are an extension of our team at this point.”

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