AWS Announcements At A Glance – AWS IoT Camera Connector on AWS Quick Start

Onica’s Announcements At A Glance series analyzes the latest AWS news and announcements, simplifying and explaining the significance for AWS consumers.

This Announcement At A Glance was written by the Onica team. 

We’re proud to be a part of an exciting new AWS Quick Start feature that was announced by AWS today. Working in close conjunction with AWS Solutions Architects, Onica helped build an AWS Quick Start CloudFormation template through which a company can achieve an Internet of Things (IoT) Camera Connector environment and serverless architecture on the AWS Cloud in about 5 minutes. The template creates resources in your AWS account to provision cameras as IoT things.

With Quick Start businesses can automate the connection—and simplify the management—of thousands of cameras through AWS IoT Core. Video streaming to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams for storage, playback, and machine learning–driven analytics are also enabled. Including a template and Config App, Quick Start can help rapidly discover, provision, connect, and manage cameras (available through select partners) and their streaming video content to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

To read the full announcement from AWS and how you can get started, please click here.

Don’t have a camera but are interested in serverless architecture for other IoT devices, check out IoTanium.

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