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Simplify Data Workflow with AWS Data Pipeline

Businesses around the globe are looking to tap into a growing number of data sources and volumes in order to make better, data-driven decisions, advanced analysis, and future predictions. AWS Data Pipeline is a service provided to simplify those data workflow challenges in order to bring large volumes of data into and out of the AWS ecosystem with tools such as Amazon S3, RDS, EMR, and Redshift. Data Pipeline runs on top of a highly scalable and elastic architecture, with data stored and moved inside costumer-managed AWS account and Virtual Private Cloud networks. Data Pipeline comes with zero upfront costs and on-demand based pricing that is up to 1/10 the cost of competitors. Data Pipeline manages many complex parts of workflows, letting big data architects and engineers to focus on what matters most – the business logic and source and target systems behind the data flows.

Experts estimate that global Internet traffic will exceed a Zettabyte (1 trillion Gigabytes) in 2016 with 40 Zettabytes existing by 2020. In the current technology climate, most companies store at least Terabytes of data retrieved from transactional, operational, campaign, and third-party market research data. Some companies embrace even more data sources such as clickstream, event processing, and Internet of Things (IoT) data, thereby exponentially increasing the amount of data ingested. One survey even found that 71% of companies have a near-term plan to use the simplest form of analytics in every day decision-making. The motivation for data usage and storage is clear – top-performing organizations use analytics five times more than lower performers.

Given the surge of data into business technology infrastructure, IT departments may find it difficult to standardize and scale data ingest and extraction, data transformation and cleansing, and data loading into storage that is best suited for advanced analytical processing engines. Some organizations may turn to complex and expensive data integration tools to meet the demands of data operations and data governance. The complexities and cost of these tools can be a show-stopper. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides AWS Data Pipeline, a data integration web service that is robust and highly available at nearly 1/10th the cost of other data integration tools. AWS Data Pipeline enables data-driven integration workflows to move and process data both in the cloud and on-premises.

AWS Data Pipeline enables users to create advanced data processing workflows that are fault tolerant, repeatable, and highly available. Data engineers, integrators, and system operations staff do not have to worry about ensuring resource availability, provisioning, managing inter-task dependencies, retrying transient failures or timeouts in individual tasks, or creating a failure notification system. With AWS Data Pipeline, IT and data teams can move and process data once locked up in data silos with the benefit of no upfront costs and only paying for what they use.

Our whitepaper is intended for big data architects, data engineers, data integrators, and system operations administrators faced with the challenge of orchestrating and Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) vast amounts of data from across the enterprise and/or external data sources. This whitepaper will also help familiarize readers with AWS Data Pipeline by sharing an overview, best practices, and hands-on examples.

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