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Onica is thrilled to be a launch partner of an exciting new AWS Internet of Things (IoT) service announced today — AWS IoT Events.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been working closely with the AWS Solution Architects to build an AWS IoT Events POC that served as a beta test of the new service.

AWS IoT Events is a fully managed IoT service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. With IoT Events you can manage complex event detection on AWS across multiple sensors to identify operational issues and trigger alerts where appropriate. The POC was also built using IoTanium, Onica’s licensed IoT system consisting of hardware, software, and devices built on AWS.

Using AWS IoT Events we built an entire IoT web application with no servers, no infrastructure, and no code. With the suite of AWS IoT services, a Razor scooter, and our IoTanium development board we were able to create a web application to capture event based activities.

“AWS IoT Events will help us build solutions faster for our clients. We’re already well versed in this service; we can help customers tomorrow to start using this service to lessen their time to market with IoT applications and services.” Tolga Tarhan, CTO Onica.

Our CTO Tolga Tarhan took the stage in Las Vegas during the announcement to showcase this project. Catch the video below. 

The project was able to capture and display various activities by the scooter including whether the scooter was moving, not moving, or even stolen. In using this scenario, we were able to show how AWS IoT Events has real world impacts in simplifying the build of IoT Applications in the cloud, and can allow for rapid and efficient scaling of IoT using AWS IoT Solutions.

Unique to our approach was the use of the IoTanium reference hardware. IoTanium was built with the intent of prototyping from “day one” rather than waiting for the necessary board design and development, and to allow for data flow to your application as quickly as day two. IoTanium was not created by Onica to serve as primary hardware, nor is Onica a hardware manufacturer. Instead, IoTanium creates a shortened development cycle while allowing customers to own the resulting custom, purpose built design that can be built with any contract manufacturer to produce devices—all without having to buy devices or pay per-device licensing fees.

Do you have an IoT project you need help with? As an AWS IoT Competency partner we have verified knowledge of the AWS IoT ecosystem including AWS IoT Events and can lessen your time to market with IoT applications and services using IoTanium Development Boards. Contact Us today to get your IoT project started.

If you’d like an IoTanium board to test your POC, you can apply for a starter kit in a few short minutes. 


Click to read the full AWS IoT Events Announcement.

Tolga Tarhan

About Tolga Tarhan

As Onica’s Chief Technology Officer, Tolga Tarhan leads the technological vision of the company by pushing innovation and driving strategy for our product development and service offerings. With nearly two decades of experience leading and hands-on software development, his cross-functional expertise across different technology areas gives him unique insight into the best approaches for building complex systems and applications. In addition to facilitating technology on the executive level, Tolga has also successfully led numerous deployments involving web-based, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and real-time telecommunications applications. His passion for IoT in particular has driven Onica’s achievement of the AWS IoT competency, and he continues to show thought leadership in the field through his extensive speaking engagements at AWS events and educational groups across North America. Tolga also holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and helps customers strategize beyond technology solutions to improve their businesses and grow their bottom line.