Want to learn more about managing cost in AWS?

Utility computing requires continual monitoring and waste reduction effort. We provide our customers with guidance to help manage their monthly spend in AWS. We offer access to CloudCheckr tooling, personal financial analyst support, consolidated benefits, and detailed recommendation reports.

How do you Manage Cost in AWS?

Our Head of Managed Services Timothy Fox discusses managing costs in AWS and savings through AWS Managed IT Services. Watch our video to learn more about how we are saving our customers money and making IT happen through AWS Managed IT Services.

Making IT Happen with AWS Managed IT Services

One of the biggest concerns that exist in the cloud today is the concept of managing costs in AWS. We bring to the table a tool called CloudCheckr. CloudCheckr allows our customers to see what they are spending on a day-by-day and month-by-month basis so that they can put alerting in place and actually get notified when their costs are getting too high. It also enables them to see exactly how they can save money on AWS by looking at Reserved Instances (RIs) or under utilized systems on Amazon RDS or EC2. CloudCheckr gives our customers better control of their IT spend and enables them to better leverage that spend on the needs of the business instead of being in the business of IT.


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