AutoPets Case Study

Improving Android application User Experience with AWS

Who is AutoPets?

Revolutionizing pet care

AutoPets is an innovative pet care company looking to make pet care more enjoyable through the development of highly functional, connected pet products. Internationally known for the Litter-Robot, an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats, AutoPets continues to develop creative product solutions for its customers—pet care reimagined.


Improve app speed and reliability
Successful Android App Launch


Improve Infrastructure
Update Firmware


Better speed and reliability
Lower cost

“We view Onica as our software technology partner. Onica is helping to develop our software technology and mobile products that are used by people all over the world. Six months into the partnership and we’re increasingly satisfied!”

Jacob Zuppke
Executive Vice President, AutoPets

The Challenge

Changing an unreliable system

AutoPets was preparing to launch its Android application for its Litter-Robot. However, due to the user experience and on-boarding issues with the iOS application, the team was nervous about adding new Android users to the current application backend infrastructure. Because of these concerns and upcoming deadlines around the new Android app, it was determined that they needed to engage an experienced AWS integrator.

The Solution

Improved infrastructure for lower cost

The number one goal was stabilizing the infrastructure in order to ensure the Android app could launch without experiencing the on-boarding issues of the iOS launch. Some hardware updates were also necessary so the AWS IoT service could be used natively.

Why Us

As AutoPets searched for a suitable AWS integrator for the project, they reached out to AWS, which already housed their cloud infrastructure. The AWS team directed AutoPets to Onica.

Results & Benefits

To learn more about how Onica helped reduce AutoPets AWS costs while also improving their infrastructure and successfully launching their Android App, download the full case study below.

Download the Case Study

Why Onica

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