Industrial Solutions

Elevate your business on AWS. Enhance product offerings with speed and availability. Reduce time and resources through improving business efficiency by automating processes. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Gain efficiencies through predictive solutions such as planning deliveries, estimating lead times, predictive supply management & estimating product depletion rates


Developing IoT solutions to command and control devices or collect data remotely. Designing systems for performance monitoring and predictive failure management. Harvesting and analyzing IoT data to improve engineering and manufacturing processes.

Application Modernization

Gain 100% up-time, scalability and self-healing systems with cloud native applications that take advantage of advanced AWS services such as serverless computing and containers.

Custom solutions built on AWS

Re-engineer your applications using a cloud-native approach, focusing on improving performance, availability and scalability while using automation techniques to ensure easy, reliable, and repeatable deployments. Unlock the full potential of the cloud with serverless technology, containers, and AWS services like SAM, Lambda, EKS, ECS & Fargate.

Amazon Fargate

Free your data from physical hardware, gain flexibility to scale efficiently and cost-effectively by migrating to AWS.  Migration solutions include:

  • Enterprise Foundations & Landing Zone
  • Workstream Rationalization
  • Workload Placement planning (ERPs)
  • Scaling & Orchestration Patterns
  • Data Lakes & Warehousing
Amazon Web Services

Solutions that involve making estimates about the unknown or the future.

Common use cases include:

  • Estimating future customer behavior (churn, purchasing, etc.).
  • Predictive maintenance for industrial equipment 
  • Predicting future conditions to streamline inventory in logistics and supply companies
Amazon Sagemaker

Solutions which rely on images or video data. Use cases include identifying and/or tracking objects in video/imagery, detecting changes over time and facial recognition.

Amazon Rekognition Image Amazon Textract Amazon SageMaker

Solutions which seek to leverage advanced human-machine interfaces, such as chatbots or AR/VR/XR. These may incorporate both language and machine vision solutions as part of the overall functionality, but are distinct in that they have real time-human interaction as a key element


Helping industries innovate on AWS

Healthcare & Life Sciences

A machine vision HIPAA-Compliant solution synchronizes data in real-time between multiple camera systems and includes a workflow which correctly detects events by evaluating the video stream and categorizing each image state as inside or outside the body. This solution provides real-time, remote access to critical surgical information.

Oil & Gas

A petrochemical company was filling their tanks too often and making unnecessary trips to tanks that were still 75% full, resulting in costly excess labor. Onica implemented an IoT + AI/ML solution to monitor fill level, predict supply depletion, and prioritize delivery route/schedule to ensure no tank levels fell below 10%. Results: cut operation costs in half while keeping 100% customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain

A manufacturer wanted to predict when their equipment was failing so they could order replacements parts before the system failed. This helped them maintain a lean inventory with a streamlined supply chain, reducing staff count, and provided them the ability to notify their customers in advance when a part needed to be replaced.


A major online retailer needed to optimize packaging options and predict potential shipping damage factors. Onica developed a machine learning model to predict transportation cost savings associated with changing packaging types for products in the retailer’s catalog. Using returned item data, Onica developed a predictive model to determine which product combinations likely result in damage when packaged together


A global customer service corporation needed an automated conversational interface on their website capable of interacting with the customer naturally, answering questions around specific products and services. Onica leveraged AWS Lex to develop a chatbot that learned from customer interactions and progressively increased its capabilities through analytics from stored customer sentiments.


Onica created new agent training in VR on how to do insurance appraisals without the need to go out into the field. The virtual training system walks new agents through a comprehensive set of scenarios, where a trainer evaluates how well each trainee does and gives feedback on things that were missed. This solution fast-tracks training and enables new agents to gain years worth of experience in a few weeks.

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