Cloud Optimizer

Advocating for healthy cloud consumption through AWS best practices

Optimize Your Environment

Monitor and Adjust Your AWS Spend

While eliminating server infrastructure results in large savings for businesses moving to the cloud, cloud computing still requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment to ensure your spend stays low. Keeping track of the resources you are investing in is just one of many important considerations when you become cloud native. Onica has helped hundreds of companies analyze their AWS usage, services, and pricing options to ensure that they are only paying for what they need – drastically reducing their monthly spend.

Creating Visibility for Your Cloud Activities

Introducing Cloud Optimizer

Onica’s Cloud Optimizer tool gives you visibility into your cloud spend, allowing you to optimize and grow.

Cloud Optimizer allows for a continuous cycle of optimization that also seeks to improve both security and design.

Analyze Unused & Idle Resources

Identify idle resources and to understand why any services and assets within your AWS environment are no longer in use.

Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources

Correctly configure resources to deliver the performance and services you need.

Update Resources

Upgrade instances for price decreases and performance improvements to ensure you get the best performance at the lowest price.

Manage Reserved Instances (RI)

Consider RIs for prepaid resources at a lower cost in order to optimize for the best deal.

Store Strategically

Pick the right storage strategy to save money and ensure availability.

Content Distribution Strategy

Understand where and how you are distributing your content to end users in order to impact storage and distribution costs.

Cloud Optimizer Cost Control Management

Cloud Optimizer Provides:

Real-time cost insight & monthly intel overview
Cloud Financial Analyst & implementation team support
Consolidated buying power benefits
Alert, utilization & inventory responder
Well-architected assessments

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