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Thursday May 23 at 8 AM

Join Onica at this full day event that focuses on how Oil & Gas companies can accelerate digital transformation, unleash innovation to optimize production and profitability, and improve operational efficiencies necessary to compete under the pressures of today’s global energy market.

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Thursday May 30 at 6 PM

Making the best of the cloud requires adapting your IT approach. One of those building blocks is the approach for application migration.

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Thursday May 30 at 6 PM

In this interactive session we have a set of requirements and we should come up with a solution that meets our customers needs all while optimizing cost and using cutting edge services released by AWS in the last 2 years.

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Monday June 10 at 4:30 PM

Join us for our first meetup! By using user's photos from user profiles, we will be demonstrating and discussing the intricacies around AWS Rekognition! Food & Drinks will be provided. RSVP today!

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Tuesday June 18 at 6 PM

Migrating from an IaaS provider to the cloud is no easy feat and when you add in a hard deadline of 6 months to the project then things really get interesting!

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