Simplify Your IoT Journey with IoTanium

Expedite your IoT initiatives with IoTanium, a system of hardware, software & analytics built on AWS.
IoTanium is ready to go on Day 1 – providing actionable analytics + insights.

1. Hardware

IoTanium Rapid Prototype Board + Production IoT Device Design

  • Fully assembled hardware for immediate start
  • No waiting on prototype board design
  • Multiple pre-integrated connectivity options including WiFi, BLE & LTE
  • In-house circuit/PCB design (end-to-end solution from hardware to cloud)
  • Significantly reduced project startup time
2. Platform

Global Connectivity, Device Dashboards, and Cloud Services

  • Built on AWS tools – Serverless & automated
  • Data ingestion, storage & analysis
  • Dashboard monitors basic device control & message traffic in real time
  • Firmware, device configuration & application updates “over the air”
  • Security & anti-cloning/spoofing
3. Analytics

AWS SageMaker + Onica Data Science Workbench

  • Integrates with AWS tools
  • Solution architects design & implement data ingest, pipelines, data lakes + ML models for inference at edge devices or in the cloud
  • Offers data preparation
  • Builds & trains ML Models
  • System performs inference at edge device or on AWS

See IoTanium in Action

3.3V Serial JST connector
Barrel jack power connector
External battery connector, and onboard charger
LTE Cell modem ready
Micro-USB port/USB to Serial

Built on the AWS IoT Platform

AWS Greengrass

AWS Greengrass allows for local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and ML inference capabilities for connected devices. Device programming stays simple with use of AWS Lambda, and you can authenticate and encrypt device data, operate offline, and respond to local events in real time.

AWS IoT Core

A managed cloud platform that allows connected devices to securely interact with cloud applications and other platforms, AWS IoT Core provides secure communication, data processing, routing, and device management across different devices and locations to help easily build IoT applications and solutions.

AWS IoT Analysis

AWS IoT Analytics allows you to easily run complicated analytics on massive volumes of IoT data without having to worry about building your own IoT analytics platform. Automating each of the difficult steps required to analyze data from IoT devices, IoT Analytics filters and transforms IoT data before storing it for analysis.

AWS IoT Device Management

AWS IoT Device Management is a simple way to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. You can register devices individually or in bulk, manage permissions so that devices remain secure, and monitor and troubleshoot device functionality with the IoT Device Management Console.

AWS IoT Defender

A service that helps secure IoT devices, AWS IoT Device Defender audits the security policies of your devices to make sure that they aren’t deviating from security best practices. This makes it easy to maintain and enforce policies that ensure device identity, authenticate and authorize devices, and encrypt device data.

Amazon FreeRTOS

An operating system (OS) for microcontrollers, Amazon FreeRTOS makes these devices easy to program, connect, and manage. By providing the core OS and software libraries that make it easy to connect to the cloud, Amazon FreeRTOS solves the limited network functionality normally faced by microcontrollers.

How to Get Started

IoTanium is a licensed platform that can be applied regardless of engagement model. Accelerating development while reducing costs, IoTanium offers hardware, software, and customized services for your business.

On-Site IoT Workshop

One Day AWS IoT & IoTanium Workshop. Use IoTanium prototype boards to learn about:

  • Ingesting & store data with AWS IoT in real time
  • Building serverless applications via Lambda
  • Strategize design specs to meet your business needs

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Six-Week IoT Accelerator

Two on-site workshops created to help take a customer from “interest in IoT” to a working Proof-of-Concept:

  • IoT Architecture & UX Design On-Site Workshop
  • Deliverables: Functional IoT device prototype hardware & software
  • Support of prototype for 90 days

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Enterprise IoT Solution

A full enterprise level IoT Solution Delivery. This delivery includes:

  • Product & business model Dev/Design consulting
  • Prototype IoT device hardware, platform & analytics
  • Onica Data Science Workbench

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